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What can slow down your workers’ compensation claim?

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

When you suffer an injury at your workplace, you likely expect swift resolution to your workers’ compensation claim. It is crucial for getting the medical attention and financial support you need.

However, certain factors might delay the process, making it essential for you to be aware and proactive.

Incomplete or incorrect paperwork

If you fail to provide all the necessary information, or if there are discrepancies in the details, it can lead to significant setbacks. This is one of the most common reasons claims face delays

Not seeking medical treatment immediately

If you delay seeking medical attention, it might raise questions about the severity of your injury or whether it even occurred at work. Always seek medical care promptly. This action provides documentation linking your injury to your job and ensures you receive the necessary care.

Failure to report the injury on time

New Jersey’s deadline for reporting workplace accidents is 90 days from when the injury occurred. It helps your case to report injuries as soon as possible. Failing to report in a timely manner can slow down or even jeopardize your claim.

Inconsistencies in your account of the incident

If there are differences in the details provided to supervisors, medical professionals or claim investigators, it can raise red flags. This may in turn lead to further inquiries and a slower processing time.

Discrepancies between medical records and claim

If your medical records do not align with the injury you claim happened, it can cause delays. The claim reviewers need to ascertain the root cause of your injury. Inconsistencies can necessitate further investigations.

Uncooperative employers

Sometimes, employers might dispute a claim, believing the injury did not occur at work or due to work-related activities. While you cannot control your employer’s actions, ensuring you have all documentation and details can help you counter any such disputes.

Understanding the potential hurdles in a New Jersey workers’ compensation claim allows you to secure the support you need to recover and get back to work.