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What do forensic psychologists do in child sex abuse cases?

On Behalf of | May 9, 2023 | Sexual Abuse |

Few legal matters have the potential to be more heart-wrenching than those that involve child sexual abuse. After all, in addition to causing immediate injuries, sex abuse can lead to a lifetime of psychological trauma. According to Psychology Today, this trauma might include anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

If you are a survivor of child sex abuse, you may want to hold your abuser accountable. After all, doing so can help you begin to resolve some of the emotional trauma you have endured. While working with a forensic psychologist might not be absolutely necessary, it can help your case considerably.

Evaluating your abuse

Forensic psychologists receive specialized training in evaluating child sex abuse. When you meet with a forensic psychologist, you can expect him or her to help you remember accurately exactly what happened to you. This might involve implementing several techniques, including memory testing.

Explaining your recollection

If your sexual abuse happened years ago, you might have gaps in your memory. This is perfectly normal, of course, as traumatic experiences can distort a person’s ability to recall events. A forensic psychologist might serve as an expert witness, helping to explain your recollection in terms a judge or jury can understand.

Making accusations of child sex abuse against a person may encourage that person to try to attack your credibility. You do not have to stand idly by while someone disparages you, though. Ultimately, with the assistance of a qualified forensic psychologist, you can paint a clear and credible picture of the sex abuse you suffered as a child.