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Common causes of injurious motorcycle accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2023 | Personal Injury |

Motorcycle riding is a fun way of getting around. Zipping from one location to the next on a two-wheeler offers true exhilaration.

The downside is that there remains a significant risk of injury. Even conscientious operators are susceptible to serious harm for specific reasons.

A lack of driver attention

It remains imperative that motorcyclists stay aware of their surroundings. It only takes a split second of inattentiveness for a tragedy to occur. This is especially true for those in the Garden State. The New Jersey Turnpike is the most accident-prone highway in the country.

The scourge of drinking and driving

It is a stereotype that bikers are drunks. While some cannot resist imbibing and going for a spin, many that love their hogs never do. Still, even sober riders face a threat from irresponsible inebriants. Motorcyclists are especially vulnerable due to the open-air nature of their rides.

Not enough respect for the rules of the road

The agility of motorcycles can lead to temptation. A desire to circumvent traffic jams could lead riders to pass between lanes. Some bikers cannot resist showing off with hazardous stunts.

Operators of four-wheeled vehicles are notorious for performing unsafe acts. Examples include texting behind the wheel and following others too closely. These behaviors are particularly threatening to motorcyclists. Even a minor impact can send a rider airborne.

While choppers offer unbridled joy, operating them comes with danger. Riders must stay aware of the pitfalls. It might mean the difference between arriving at a destination in one piece or ending up in the hospital.