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NYC hospitals to pay $165 million in sexual abuse settlement

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2022 | Sexual Abuse |

Two New York City hospitals will pay a settlement of over $165 million due to allegations of sexual misconduct and abuse against a former New Jersey gynecologist. This settlement is in addition to a previously established $71 million compensation fund for 79 of the former doctor’s patients.

The former doctor gave up his medical license after his 2016 conviction on sex-related charges.

Charges against the defendant

More than 100 patients accused the former gynecologist of predatory behavior. Prosecutors say the former doctor targeted young patients. He has pleaded not guilty to six additional counts involving inducing victims to travel for the purpose of engaging in illegal sexual activity.

New York’s adult survivors act

Because the former New Jersey doctor committed his alleged crimes in New York, the recently signed New York Adult Survivors Act may help some survivors get justice. This act allows survivors of sexual offenses that happened when they were over the age of 18 to file suit regardless of when the abuse happened.

The lookback window goes into effect in October, six months after the governor signed the law in May of 2022, and will stay open for one year. Eligible survivors may file a lawsuit against perpetrators of sexual abuse even if the statute of limitations has expired. Advocates say that because sexual abuse often takes years to come to terms with, this window is a necessary step to allow survivors to seek justice.

Because not every alleged victim of the defendant is part of this settlement, more lawsuits are likely to emerge from this case.