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Fighting For Victims Of Sexual Abuse In Schools

When we send our kids to school, we have every right to expect that they will be protected, that their teachers and other adults will not be allowed to abuse their innocence and harm them in any way. When sexual abuse occurs in schools, the school district should be held responsible and the family should be compensated for the injustice they have suffered.

If you have a child who has been sexually abused in school throughout Warren and Hunterdon counties, as well as in the entire state of New Jersey, talk with attorney Gregory Gianforcaro at Gianforcaro Law. Gregory grew up in New Jersey and has been providing exceptional legal service here for more than 30 years, with a particular emphasis on childhood sexual abuse cases. In that time he has obtained more than $10 million in settlements for our clients.

At Gianforcaro Law, we focus on compassionate, personalized representation of childhood sexual abuse victims. We will listen to your story and fight for justice on your behalf.

For Families With Child Victims Of Sexual Abuse In School

There might be nothing more difficult for a parent than to find out your child has been abused. The most important thing you can do is listen to your child. One of the worst things for abuse victims is when their parents don’t believe their stories. Even if you think your child isn’t telling the truth, it is best to at least give them the benefit of the doubt and talk with an attorney.

The next thing to do is talk with our legal team. The majority of our work as lawyers is focused on helping childhood sexual abuse victims. We understand how to listen and provide compassionate legal service. We will fight to obtain the full compensation available.

The school district is responsible for protecting children from sexual abuse in their schools. We will fight to obtain justice for your child and your family.

For Adults Who Were Abused As Children

Recently, New Jersey has extended its statute of limitations for childhood sexual abuse claims. This means that if you were sexually abused as a child, even if it was years ago, you might still be able to claim. Talk with our team to learn more.

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