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What should I do after a workplace accident?

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2024 | Workers' Compensation |

Accidents in the workplace are common. If you face an accident while on the job, your priority should be your health and safety. But what happens next? Will you receive compensation for your accident?

Workers’ compensation can help with financial burdens caused by work-related injuries or illnesses and usually provides wage replacement and medical treatments. In New Jersey, the employer or insurance company selects the physician to treat the employee. If the employee died because of their employment, their dependents may claim death benefits, amounting to 70% of the weekly wage of the deceased worker given weekly.

Who is eligible to receive compensation?

Most full-time and part-time employees have coverage and are usually eligible for compensation, regardless of who is at fault. You may still qualify for compensation even if the accident was your fault. It may be best to confirm your eligibility with your employer or supervisor.

How can I claim for workers’ compensation?

Once you confirm your eligibility, there are three basic steps to take.

  • Report the accident: Immediately notify your supervisor about the accident. Note specific reporting procedures and consider potential deadlines for filing the report.
  • Go to a doctor: Your health should be your priority. See a medical professional right away and inform them of your work-related pain. Remember to keep copies of your medical records.
  • File a claim: Your employer or HR should provide the necessary forms. Fill them out accurately and submit them on time.

Always keep copies of your paperwork. The process may seem confusing, but many employers have resources to help you throughout the journey.

Getting the support you deserve from your employers and insurance provider after a workplace accident is essential for an efficient claim process and a smoother recovery.