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What makes Route 27 one of NJ’s most dangerous highways?

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2024 | Traffic Offenses |

While New Jersey has beautiful landscapes, bustling cities and a thriving infrastructure, some roads are more treacherous than others. Named as one of the most dangerous highways in NJ, Route 27 is just over 38 miles long and has a high accident rate.

Different factors contribute to the hazards of Route 27.

High traffic volume

According to studies, the section of highway between Churchill Avenue and Henry Street had a crash rate of 12.08. One reason for the higher-than-normal accident rate is the high volume of traffic in the area. Route 27 is a major arterial road that connects various populous regions. Accidents are more likely to occur in areas with high congestion, particularly when drivers become impatient.

Poor infrastructure

Route 27 is an old highway with outdated infrastructure. The lanes are narrow and the intersections create bottlenecks and traffic jams. To make matters more difficult, some areas of the highway have insufficient lighting, which can make it difficult for drivers to see obstacles at night.

Blind spots

Like most NJ drivers, you may already know Route 27 for its notorious blind spots. The sudden elevation changes and sharp turns make the highway challenging to navigate. For those who do not drive the highway regularly, they may find themselves in more dangerous situations.

Unfortunately, many NJ drivers have a sense of invincibility and may engage in aggressive maneuvers on many of the highways. People become more prone to aggressive driving when dealing with the frustration of outdated infrastructure and traffic jams.