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What is the Sexual Assault Response Team?

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2023 | Sexual Abuse |

One of the best ways to fight sexual abuse is to offer as much support as possible to help the victim feel safe. When a victim gets the necessary help, he or she is more likely to come forward and help law enforcement to stop the abuse.

In New Jersey, the Sexual Assault Response Team aids victims by providing a range of services.

The team’s members

One of the special parts of SART is it includes many professionals who can help victims at various levels. The team includes a law enforcement officer to help with the legal aspects. It also has a forensic nurse examiner for evidence collection and health needs and a confidential sexual violence advocate who will help the victim as he or she works through the process. The CSVA serves as an advocate for the victim and can be there for interviews with law enforcement.

The team’s goals

SART assists victims by providing any care he or she needs and support. The team also will gather evidence and work on building a case.

The team’s function

The team only offers assistance when a victim wants it. Victims must be at at least 13 years old, and the incident must have occurred within the previous five days.

SART works to help victims to stop abuse and to get through the steps of going after an abuser. The team has special training to assist with these matters and can be a lifeline to someone who is suffering abuse and desperately needs help and support.